Transform Your Entire Life in One Weekend!

Jerry Stocking courses are the perfect place to recreate your life exactly how you want it.

Whether you're looking for more money, love, or lightness, you'll find it in a Jerry Stocking course. Courses are designed to bring you back to your natural perfection, where you learn and love fully and effortlessly.

You'll discover resources and abilities you didn't know you have, all while sharing a magical weekend with the sweetest most charming people on the planet.
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The 8 Most Important Steps to
Waking-Up and Transforming Your Life:

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Meet Jerry Stocking

Jerry Stocking is a modern day Thoreau living in the foothills of the Smoky Mountains in North Georgia with a view of our culture from the outside. Each day in his mountain retreat is an endless exploration of existence, consciousness, and feeling what it is to be a human being.
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Come to a Course

At a Jerry Stocking course, you will laugh freely all the way to your toes while freeing yourself from the bondage of patterns and limitations. You will deepen your self observation, becoming more present and thus much more self-aware.
If you haven't encountered Jerry Stocking and his revolutionary insights and teaching methods before, you're in for a fantastic ride...
Vic Conant President, Nightingale Conant
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Read The Mind Relief Manuscript

Join thousands of people who have downloaded Jerry's FREE ebook. It's a one-stop guide to enlightened thinking. You don't have to suffer from negative thinking or emotions. You can free your mind and your deeper self to enjoy life to the fullest!
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Call Us for Fun (or Support)

We have a team of highly-trained facilitators with a combined 40+ years experience in the work of Jerry Stocking. Whatever you're working on in your life, they're trained to offer expert guidance and tools to assist you as you shed your limitations and let yourself glow!
Jerry Stocking is a mind magician. He reached into my soul and pulled out a mirror and showed me myself.
John Morgan Clinical Hypnotist
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Watch Jerry on Youtube

Subscribe to Jerry's youtube channel to receive the latest updates and excerpts from courses.... free! Tune in and join a course. You'll feel like you're part of the action.
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Read an Enlightening Book

Jerry's written 8 books on spirituality, enlightened thinking and how to win by quitting. Order them now for a lifetime's supply of fun and awakening.
Jerry's work showed me how to bring more of who I am to my patients and find more of who they are in front of me; a consistent benefit to us both.
John Farrin M.D. Emergency Physician

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