At our courses you will laugh freely all the way to your toes while freeing yourself from the bondage of patterns and limitations.

You will do this by deepening your self observation, becoming more present and thus much more self aware.

You will lighten up and let go of things that have been bothering you for years. You will smile and breath more deeply and your mind will become quiet and peaceful.

JerryStocking Courses speak to a part of you that is deep, honest and so much closer to who you are than you usual.

People consistently report that attending a JerryStocking Course is one of the most important events of their lives.

If you are ready to grow unpredictably; if you love to explore philosophy or just want a deeper, more satisfying life then a JerryStocking Course is for you.

Your depth and perfection will shine through revealing that you are more than you ever imagined. You will enter a world of possibility where who you really are can pl
ay and dance fully.

Courses though remain the most fun, unpredictable, funny and inspiring thing that I do. If you have attended one of my courses you know what I am talking about. If you haven’t please join us really soon.

Pick your course below.

You simply won’t find courses as deep, entertaining and original as mine anywhere. I don’t necessarily teach you what I, or you, already know, I provide the experience of tapping into your own creativity, possibilities and unconditional love.

Here are just a few of the things people commonly report after attending a course with me:

  1. Bulletnew friends

  2. Bulleta return to child like playfulness

  3. Bulletgratitude for themselves and everything around them

  4. Bulletenhanced sense of humor

  5. Bulletdeeper understanding of themselves

  6. Bulletgreater flexibility

  7. Bulletmore presence

  8. Bulletmore rewarding relationships

  9. Bulletincreases in health and wellbeing

Consider joining for a course in 2014. You will be thrilled that you did. Find a list of courses below, pick one and we hope to see you soon.

Transform Your Life From Reaction to Creation NOW
Upcoming Courses
Virtual Visit

On the phone or in person

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Personal Renaissance

Clarkesville, Georgia
March 6-10, 2014

Portland, Oregon
April 24-28, 2014

Boulder, Colorado
June 19-22, 2014

Ossining, New York
August 7-10, 2014

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Wake - Up Call

Twice a month Conference Call

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Jerry Stocking
Falling in Love With Your Mind is Heavenly- Free Ebook

But loving your mind isn’t been easy. If you spend most of your time stressed or worried, chances are, you aren’t loving your mind.

Your mind is capable of astounding feats of insight and peace. All it needs is love. We will show you exactly what your mind needs and how loving your mind results in living in the moment.

For the first time ever, Jerry condenses nearly thirty years of work with transformational tools and the nuances of enlightenment into simple, easy explanations and exercises which will have you loving your mind in no time, loving your life too. 

Jerry reveals new, powerful exercises that provide you with new perspectives and possibilities from the moment you start reading.

Discover how to:   

Quiet Your Mind
Become More Present
Maximize Your Creativity
Ignite Your Passion
Think More Clearly

Enlightenment Has Never Been this Simple!

You will receive all of these benefits and more in Jerry’s ground-breaking manual, 

The Mind Relief Manuscript

The first two chapters alone will change how you use your mind forever. They will clarify your thinking relieving stress and making each thought more rewarding. These proven techniques are not available anywhere else.

Within minutes you will discover deep and profound peace. And, doing the simple exercises will allow you to return to that incredibly resourceful place anytime.

The best part of this book is what it will do for you. And it is totally FREE! 

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Audio, Video and Books

Crack open a book and dive head first into a world of unlimited possibilities.

Each of my books will assist you in getting tapping into peace, prosperity and presence. 

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We’ve been recording course for over 30 years. The results that people receive from listening to them are profound.

Enjoy greater flexibility, fun, passion and power while going for a walk or even sitting back in your favorite chair. 

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Stuggling with money? Frustrated by the law of attraction gimmicks?

My video, Secret Behind the Secret teaches you what actually works and why “attracting” what you want isn’t going to work.

Don’t waste the cosmic powers of the universe trying to get ahead.

Tap into bliss and discover that you’re already perfect the way you are. Then watch the money roll in. 

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