A Meditation to Clear Your Past and Future

I think the past, the past is behind us
Be real confusing if not, but anyway
I put all my hope in tomorrow
It’s gonna be great, I can tell but anyway
I see a new, a new day a dawning
I like to sleep late, oh well, but anyway

Italicized quotes by Blues Traveler

You’re in a straight jacket. Caught between past and future, in the teeny tiny tight present.

“What now?”

Who you were is long gone, has left the building, and who you will be hasn’t shown up yet. You are Tarzan letting go of one vine before grabbing the next.

Sure, you won the Silver Trumpet Award in high school for valor in the field. You came in second in the county wide baton twirling finals to Suzy Wong who, bless her heart, had a full time, live in, baton coach.

But you also had that little brush with the law when you were in college and that “D” on your report card in third grade.

Like the rest of us you have stuff you are proud of and stuff you aren’t.

How do you leave the past alone so that it will leave you alone?

I think the past, the past is behind us
Be real confusing if not, but anyway

You are often haunted by the past but you don’t have to be. You can make peace with the past. You can even make love to the past.

You and Peter Pan both store your past in pictures. Pictures of things you did, of who you were, of friends, of beauty pageants, meals at the table and everything that you have ever seen.

The fastest surest way to make peace with the past is to practice a unique meditation.

To do this meditation, sit in a comfortable chair, hopefully not cross legged, and invite these pictures of your past to run like a movie in your head.

There is absolutely no need to become aware of them as they run. These pictures in your head are running even if you don’t notice them. Encourage them to run, and run and run some more. With practice something like REM sleep will occur. Your eyes will flutter very, very rapidly as the old movies play.

At first you may not notice anything. But please trust the process. Sit for a few minutes each day with your eyes closed or partially open inviting your past to flash before you.

They say that at the moment of death your past flashes before you. This may be true for some people but for you inviting your past to flash before you will enhance the quality of your thinking.

This simple exercise gives permission to your past to be however it was. It makes peace with what was. This results in your past getting the attention and approval that it needs.

After as few as three days performing this simple exercise you will start to feel the cloud of your past lifting. You probably weren’t aware of the amount of baggage you carried. But you will become aware of its absence as your lighten up and let go.



Get Ready for Clarity

As your past becomes more peaceful it won’t harass your present. You won’t be in a business meeting and all of a sudden be reminded of a past failure or even a success. You will cease to be haunted by the Ghost of Christmas Past and you will live more fully in the present.

You will still have the past as a resource, but you won’t have it as a ghost. One of the fringe benefits of this process is that it will improve your memory. It will also have you unconsciously reinforce lessons you may not have learned fully from your past.

You only need to do this exercise for a few minutes per day. With this exercise more isn’t better because the past really does belong in the past.

As your past settles down and remains in your past you will experience mental clarity. You will be more creative, more spontaneous and more intelligent.

Make Love to Your Future

After a few days of practicing with the past you are ready for the second step of this two part exercise.

The next step is to make love to your future. I know you were taught that the future hasn’t happened but what if it actually has, and what if you can access it?

Accessing the future isn’t about becoming a psychic or anything like that. Remember, the movies are running so fast that you can’t really see them. So, please don’t worry about spoiling the future. This is not a Back to the Future moment. This is an exercise which will bring you more present.

I put all my hope in tomorrow
It’s gonna be great, I can tell but anyway

Sit for two or three minutes each day in the same way you did for the past and this time invite pictures of your future to run. Remember, you don’t need to become aware of the pictures. Just let them run on their own.

Doing this exercise with your future is generally a bit tougher than it is with the past. You will need to trust a little bit more. Most people don’t trust the future as much as they do the past.

This exercise will balance your trust. I will allow you to trust your past and future equally. As your trust expands and consumes both everything you have done and everything you will do, you will be free to experience life this moment.

You will develop an enlightened perspective of anything and everything being perfect just as it is.

You will begin to experience the same sort of presence that monks do after decades of meditation.

Keep It UP

I see a new, a new day a dawning
I like to sleep late, oh well, but anyway

Continue to spend two or three minutes a day running movies of your past and two or three minutes running movies of your future.

You will become calmer, more peaceful, mentally faster and much happier. You will meet the challenges of life trusting yourself and continually discovering new resources.

Making peace and then love to your past and future is really easy. You can do it and you will be delighted that you did.

There just isn’t anything as wonderful as the  present moment!

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Jennifer Patterson August 7, 2012 at 12:10 pm

I love this. I have, myself reckoned with parts of my past, and I definitely identify with the freedom of letting the baggage go. I talk about how to improve your life in practical ways on my website http://www.remoteXpedition.com

Thank you!


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