How to Make Your Next Kiss Your Best Kiss Ever



Was just chatting with a teenage girl. She is sixteen and has had exactly three kisses. The first one she said was OK, the second one was in a tree and it didn’t work so well.

“I don’t really understand what the big deal about kissing is.” she said. “It really isn’t that fun.”

I explained to her that kissing isn’t fun. It is just lips meeting and you have to bring the fun to it. Sex too isn’t intrinsically fun. You have to make it into something special or it really isn’t anything at all. My explanation, it seems, wasn’t fun either. She wrinkled her nose, unsatisfied again.

Satisfaction isn’t so easy to find sometimes. In fact, it is often easier to create than it is to find. And when you create satisfaction yourself, without outside input it is really your satisfaction: your way.

While I think it is cool to go out to eat I greatly enjoy making a meal my way at home. Satisfaction works the same way too. There is nothing like homemade satisfaction. Satisfaction actually begins at home, inside you.

More To Say

But the conversation didn’t end there. She runs track so I asked her what she likes about running track. “Seems to me it is a lot of effort and hard work and you sweat a lot and you really don’t get anywhere. Why do you like it?”

She put her eyes up and thought a bit. “It is the other people that I run with that make running fun.” she said.

Taking the shortest route between two teenage points I said “It is the other person you kiss with that makes kissing fun.

She sat up straight, smiled and pondered the future. Seems that she may be kissing differently on her fourth and fifth kisses.

I will lecture her about creating satisfaction on the inside another time. She readily considered sharing a kiss instead of just seeking a peak experience herself. I suspect that will assist her in kissing now and in making love later.

A nice little intervention that, with perhaps some more rewarding kisses in the future. Making the world better the only way possible, one kiss at a time.

I also suggested that she practice kissing an apple until she gets really good at it. I suggest that to you too. When kissing an apple is great fun, then and only then should you or me or Adam or Eve move onto the real thing.

An apple a day…

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that's wonderful.MOSES KILYUNGI MUTUA May 12, 2013 at 6:59 am

that’s wonderful


Jerry May 13, 2013 at 10:14 am

Thank You. Can you remember your first kiss? Can you treat each kiss like your first kiss?


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