My Life is Not an Error Message

I hopped on the treadmill the other day after doing some interval exercise. I was going to relax while walking.

The treadmill coughed once and stopped. It then displayed an error message that read “Speed Control Not Found.”

I don’t have any idea what this means, other than my treadmill doesn’t work. But I do know that someone somewhere wrote this little sentence so it would pop up if certain things happened.

But I didn’t stop there. I noticed that my life is full of cryptic error messages. I get up in the morning and my stomach growls “You better eat.” “You better eat” is an error message. It may be telling me that my system needs food or it may be reminding me that at this time I usually have food. While it doesn’t mean that I have to eat, I have been told by some part of myself that it’s time to eat.

I’m self employed so I don’t have to head into work in the mornings, but I notice another error message: “You better get some writing done today.”

This error message is in the form of a threat. It’s not even eight in the morning and I have already been threatened.

“Oh my gosh, my whole day is a series of error messages.” That’s the next error message I receive and it comes with a physical reaction, kind of like cowering.

But this error message isn’t quite so simple. It’s actually several messages deep. It has error messages within error messages. It includes all kind of judgments including “Your whole day shouldn’t be error messages”.

But my whole day might just be error messages, and if it is, it certainly should be.

As I continued to observe, I noticed that the day is a series of nested error messages. Most of them are cryptic, incomplete sentences, and not saying directly what the problem is.

These messages seem to be from an earlier time that have been programmed in. Why?

Why would there be so many nested messages, like notes that I have left for myself?

It appears that the primary purpose of our internal error messages is the same as the error messages for the treadmill. The error messages for the treadmill ensures the integrity of the treadmill remain as it has been. Whereas error messages within us attempt to take care of us by having the future be the same as the past.

One thing that’s easy to determine is that you have survived. You’re still alive and here. The purpose of an error messages is to keep you alive. To help direct you to what has worked in the past in order to have you survive.

While you may not be thrilled with the quality of your life, the fact that you survived is undeniable. As long as conditions don’t change, what has helped you survive in the past is likely to have you survive in the future.

One Simple Call

In the case of the treadmill, I called the company and spoke to a technician. He had me pull off the engine cover and touch two wires to a nine volt battery. It was supposed to have the motor turn around. It didn’t.

This meant to him that I needed a new motor and that there was something wrong with the one I had. Luckily I have a lifetime warranty on service and parts.

There is no such warranty for human beings. Worse yet, the purpose of my life, unlike the treadmill, is not to have it simply work but to have it get better.

I want to make more money, I want to experience deeper love, I want to expand my possibilities and make the most of my life while still on earth.

Error messages simple won’t get me there. They are about maintaining the status quo, not about getting better. You want to get better, don’t you? I bet you do.

You don’t get better by ignoring the error messages but by understanding their intent and not consuming all of your time with them.

Dealing with error messages will have you live a life of error correction or a life avoidance. Not a very high quality life.

Getting Better

Getting better isn’t a science. It’s more about research and development and less about maintenance. Getting better is more art than craft. It requires you to explore new possibilities and have your present moment influence your future instead of error messages from your past influencing the present. To put it simply:

If tomorrow is going to be better than yesterday then you are going to have to be more present today.

Getting better is really that simple.

Most people are continually responding to error messages, making them slaves of the past. A few people are exploring new terrain by welcoming the unknown, unexplored possibilities.

I read last week that a woman climbed Mount Everest at the age of 73. She is the oldest woman to get to the top of the world. When she last climbed Everest she was 63 and was then the oldest woman to attain that feat. I wonder if she will do it again when she is 83.

She has repeatedly done things that nobody else has ever done. She is living way beyond error messages and in the land of possibilities.

I have spent the last thirty years exploring what is possible for human beings. Not what external mountains they can climb but internally how they can use self knowledge and discovery of who they are to expand what is possible for them.

I have discovered a lot about the art of being a better person, living a fuller life, being more successful and mostly about being far more satisfied.

I would be delighted to teach you what I have learned. I can do that in about ten years. It took me thirty years to learn it. It will only take you ten. You can then teach someone and it will probably take an even shorter time.

But it’s the nature of our time that nobody wants to wait. We want a fast fix, an instant cure. I can tell you two things that will contribute to your life being fuller, richer and more satisfying.

1. Observing rather than reacting.
2. If you have to speak be quiet and if you don’t want to speak then speak.

Practice these two things. The first will assist you in getting beyond a life full of error messages. The second will invite you out to your growing edge on a regular basis creating fewer errors today and thus fewer error messages tomorrow.

The fastest and most powerful way to enhance the art that your life can be is to come to a seminar or listen to my courses. Each course will remind you not of how you have survived in the past but how you can excel in the future.

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