The Good News About Hanging Weights from Your Genitals!

You don’t have to do it anymore, ever.

As we enter a new year I pondered some of the goofiest things that I have ever done.

At Chi Kung camp we hung weights from our genitals. Scrotum and all. Not sure what the ladies did, thankfully they were in another room for this particular exercise.

We didn’t do this just for the fun of it, the result, other than humiliation and elation, was an equal and opposite force of sexual energy back into our bodies generating a full body sexual experience without having sex.

It took me a while but I discovered that you can generate the same sort of sensation by doing specific Chi Kung practices which involve moving attention, and the energy that follows it, up my back to the top of my head, down my front, crossing at the hips, continuing to move attention down the back of my legs around my feet, up the front of my legs, crossing at the hips and up the back again. Repeating this simple exercise proves full body arousal and an increase in attention. Look Ma, no weights!

Considering goofy things that I have done led to pondering what I want to do in this new year.


A Wild New Year


Considering the new year I noticed that I limit my wants. When asked “what would you like for dinner?” I don’t consider Paris or the best food I have ever eaten. I, and I bet you tor, limit the answer to what is on hand or restaurants that are handy.

While this subtle limitation may not seem like a big deal when it only influences one meal it becomes important when applied to your moment to moment relationship to possibility. There are a lot of moments in a day, a year and a lifetime. A little lightening up instead of limitation each moment adds up to an aroused life.

Tiny limitations on what you consider possible diminish the quality of your relationships, occupation, outlook on life and overall flavor of life.

2012 would be an outrageous year without these sneaky little limitations. To even consider this I needed to perceive it as possible, which entails wildly imagining what it would be like to live freely without habitually limiting myself.

I want to make very clear here that I am not talking about obvious limitations like trying to please your spouse or not having enough love, sex, money, attention or time. I am talking about limits you impose on yourself before you even notice them. I am talking about returning to the state of inherent possibility in which you are actually free. This is a big deal but it requires focusing attention on very tiny habitual, invisible limitations.

Chances are when you were a kid you had fewer subtle limitations and as an adult you have continually, unconsciously collected them. You can continue this process, growing more rigid and older, or, you can begin lightening up and letting go right now.


Stress Sucks


There is a particular relationship between the subtle limitations I am talking about and stress. Stress occurs when you restrict your perception of what is possible. When you do so you slowly become alienated from what is, losing touch with reality and focusing attention on limited possibilities rather than all possibilities.

These subtle limitations force you to choose between the real world and a world of illusion. It doesn’t matter which you pick, the force of having to pick causes stress.

Reduction of stress is terribly important. Even the smallest increase in stress, that may go unnoticed, takes away from your fun, energetic flow and pleasure. More stress can make you sick, unhappy and even depressed.

When it gets a foothold stress grows into full blown seriousness resulting in resistance and limitation in every aspect of your life.

Stress is a bit like the frog in the pot of cool water. It is happy, healthy and ready for a good day. But as the pot heats the incremental change is so small the frog doesn’t notice until too late that it is cooked. Stress increases slowly in you until you too are cooked, at wits end, unhappy or even depressed.

I would like you to have a moment, or several moments without stress. One of the most powerful, life changing experiences you can have is a moment without stress.


Free From Stress at Last


On a recent Elite Call we were exploring the difference between living at the level of survival and living at the level of quality of life. During the call we stumbled upon a vital way to return to a magical moment without stress.

I invite you to listen into this call and have your own stress free moments. While you won’t escape stress forever you will learn how to return repeatedly to a place of peacefulness and lightness reminding you of who you really are and how wonderful life is.

Please listen to the call now to discover your own stress free moments.

Listen into this call for free. Lighten up, let go and prepare to get curious about how to unlimit yourself more fully more often.



To download the call right click the link above and select “save link as” or “save target as” from the drop down menu

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haha,the tile caught my attention
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