Why You Should Anticipate Success

Anticipation and Expectation had a race. Expectation spent the day expecting to win. Anticipation spent the day anticipating a win.

The Fun is in the Anticipation

Can you find the fun in anticipation? It just isn’t there in expectation.  Expectation is a defensive attempt to predict and subdue the future.

Anticipation is a wiggly, excited, get ready for the party sort of word that may just be more fun than the party is.

Sex this weekend?

I caught a coaching client of mine last night. He was expecting not to have sex this weekend. He has been expecting not to have sex for several years now. The good news is that he gets to be right. But somehow that doesn’t seem like good news. He professes he wants to have sex but keeps expecting that he won’t.

I wonder how his week will be now. He promised to expect to have sex this weekend all week. I wouldn’t be surprised if it might be an incredible week for him.

Of course he might still not have sex this weekend but he has the fun of expecting that he would and maybe. Just possibly his expectation might have him walk a little differently, smile a little more fully and get a little extra lucky this weekend or next or even the one after that.

What if he anticipated sex? That might be even more fun.

Anticipation is the Main Meal

You go to college for years and you graduate in a few hours.

You spend a little time having sex, but a good deal more time thinking about it or getting ready for it or hoping you will.

You think or worry about a business meeting, sometimes for days, before the meeting even begins. The ratio of time you spend thinking about or anticipating or expecting is huge compared with the actual event.

During the event certain things happen. But in the expectation or anticipation of an event, anything can happen. Let it. Create ridiculous expectations.

Create the expectation that your middle aged son is going to get a job and get out of the house or at least not drink out of the milk carton direct from the fridge.

Make up an expectation that your ex is going to want the kids just when you have a hot date or that your spouse is going to remember to take the garbage out or at least pay the electric bill.

Build absolutely wonderful, incredible, high expectations and they will transform your life. They will have you walk taller, laugh more comfortably and perhaps even find yourself humming.

Don’t worry, if you happen to get home from a hard day of work and dinner isn’t on the table and the front room has cat puke on your oriental rug and you can’t find the newspaper because it has been used as a toilet for the new puppy. You have still had the profound pleasure of wild expectations all day long!


Expect Wonderful Things

But if you continue to expect wonderful things and fill your life with anticipation, you just might turn things around. You just might begin a tide of fun, and funny and happiness all around you. You just might discover that the flow in your life becomes positive and positively delicious.

Expect Success

I used to be a broker. I would cold call potential prospects. Each call I would anticipate a sale. Not only a sale but a big sale. I would picture the client buying loads of stock from me and us growing old and rich together. I would tell myself that this is the call that will make my day, week and month and I would feel the sensations of success.

Of course I could hardly wait to call. Just down the corridor from me was Jim. Jim expected the clients to reject him, to not want to talk to him and to even refuse to take his phone calls. Each call he expected rejection and he almost always got it.

The potential client can tell right away if you wanted to call, if you are excited to call. Positive expectations are contagious. So are negative ones. Spread a little anticipation around and watch what happens as you spread more and more and more around.

Your Inner Kid

Some of you used to be really optimistic when you were kids. You thought you would be in the Olympics or be the ruler of the world or live happily ever after.

But you learned to expect less. Why?!

Your expecting things already so you may as well make it positive.

Reach inside, I dare you, and you will find a little fire burning. Your parents weren’t able to extinguish that, your teachers weren’t either, nor was your boss or your kids. Fan that fire today by expecting incredible things. If you don’t get them, you had the pleasure of high hopes. If you do get them move your expectations higher and higher.

Expecting and anticipation are the real fun, delight and playground of life. What you get doesn’t mean a thing. You can’t take it with you.

Were You Expecting a Free Gift?

My gift to you is a 1 hour audio lesson, which contains everything you need to know about building wild, passionate, exciting expectations.

After you listen in you’ll know everything you need to know to build the expectations that will lead to prosperity and peace.

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Gayle Rodgers October 30, 2012 at 12:57 pm

This blog is fantastic. I assume everyday that I will have a good day and I do. How often have we planned for months for a trip? When we finally take the trip and the plane gets delayed or we can’t find the hotel, etc. we realize that the anticipation of the trip was almost more fun than the trip itself. I often sit for 5 minutes with my eyes closed and visualize how I want an event to occur. I see in my head my location, what people are saying, smells and sounds in the area, and what I am saying or doing. It is a great way to get what you want and build anticipation.


Jerry November 2, 2012 at 11:35 am

Thanks for your comment Gayle. Gotta love our continued interaction, and often resistance to what is. One of the things I like to do is explore the tiny little space between this moment and the next. Turns out that as I zoom in on that little nothing I am able to discover that bigger resistance is always sourced by something other than embracing the very next moment.
I consider the movement from this moment to the next to be a very special test of just how open, available and loving we can be.


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